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Can you take multiple engagements under a variety of payment or engagement agreements at one time?

The majority of our talent is outsourced as partner professionals or strategic alliances.  This structure allows us to accept multiple engagements in a variety of needs structured in an engagement plan that fit our client’s requirements.  This structure also keeps our overhead at a minimum which we extend to our clients through our lower engagement fees.

What types of engagement projects will you not consider?

During our nineteen years the only opportunities that we have not been able to fulfill are sports marketing, extensive public relations projects, insurance related projects, executive / personnel security and protection. Projects where complicated trade issues are required we have used our relationship with the US Commercial – International Trade Administration and our relationship with the World Trade Center that involve negotiations with local governments (although in some instances we have involved the assistance of USAID and the United States Embassy).

In what countries will you not or have not operated?

In addition to the United States, Executive Performance Solutions, LLC has been engaged in Canada, Mexico, five countries of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica), twenty-one countries of the European Union (including The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland), China, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan.  EPS will not provide services where the United States does not currently have diplomatic trade agreements, an Embassy or Consulate or that operate on friendly commerce trade basis with our potential clients. It’s essential that our clients who wish to expand outside their country of origin understand that they are governed by employment regulations of the host country.

Does EPS bid on projects in competition with other companies that provide the same services?

EPS has been asked to extend competing bids on about 10% of our engagements.  This would occur if another provider can provide the exact “breadth” of services as EPS which is rare.

Will EPS take a share of company ownership in lieu of cash payments for services?

EPS has taken, as a share of their services payment, a percentage of stock or “ownership” in our client’s company.  We include specific precise language in these agreements that mutually protect us and our client. EPS reserves the right to determine the size of remuneration which comes from potential ownership in instances where greater than 10% of payment is received in client’s ownership.  EPS is very careful not to engage in roles where a potential conflict of interest exists with a current client or where our past experience with a competing client could expose us to questions of ethics, non-disclosure agreements violations, or specific knowledge of patent designs that could influence our technical support of a potential engagement.

Would your inexperience of a particular business, product development, technology limit your effectiveness?

We have demonstrated during our history and variety of projects that our services are not restricted from the lack of experience in our client’s specific product, service, country of origin / destination.  Our exceptional resources of global talent and experience exceeds our ability to perform on the contracted services in which we agree to perform.