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“There’s no greater purpose than service to others” – Socrates

Rick Cheever and the Business Coaches at EPS are certified (TFYC certification) business coaches.  We are NOT inspiration coaches rather business coaches who know that a coaching client’s performance is as much influenced by lifestyle as it is about opportunities / challenges in the business role.  We take the approach that, unless all elements of our client’s life and business are in balance,  productivity suffers, their future is at risk and their lives are not productive.  Our clients complete an in depth and extensive analysis before we become engaged with the client which provides us with the greatest detail possible to know about out clients as individuals. Each client is different with specific needs, wants, challenges, motivation, personality types and it’s essential that we know each client well before we accept them as a client!

EPS has coaches experienced and available to coach clients throughout the Western Hemisphere (the Americas and Europe) to support a relatively new opportunity outside the domestic opportunities.  The American Management Association (2008) reported that coaching programs in Europe and the Middle East are relatively new compared to practices in North America, but indicators predict similar trends in increased coaches, clients, and support organizations.

Organizations report it relatively easy to find coaches in many locations, screening these same coaches can be a particular challenge.

  • What background should coaches have? How long should they have been coaching?
  • Which instruments should they be versed in? Should they be certified?
  • How does one know if they are good at coaching?

These questions become more complicated because executive coaches often hail from varied backgrounds. One profile does not fit all for a strong executive coach. As varied as coach backgrounds may be, many organizations are honing in on similar criteria for what they look for in their coaches. Research has supported these criteria. (Advancing Executive Coaching, Setting The Course for Successful Leadership Coaching.  Gina Hernez-Broome / Lisa A. Boyce. These tend to be, in order of importance ):

  • Business experience (81 percent selected as important)
  • Match with organization culture (79 percent)
  • Industry experience (43 percent)
  • Advanced degree (41 percent)
  • Cost (41 percent)
  • Certification (24 percent)

In light of these findings, EPS now screens for business experience and ability to build rapport with greater intensity rather a coach has been in the business world such that he or she speaks the language of business. An executive needs to feel that the coach can relate to what he or she is facing in the business world.

EPS will provide business coaching services on an hourly based agreement (unless travel is required for face-to-face coaching services).  These services are structured to provide “best practices” identifying, planning, implementing and managing (currently engaged with Tom Ferry as a contracted business coach).  Business coaching is billed at each half hour telephone coaching session.  Recommended frequency is from twice monthly to four times monthly contracted on quarterly annual period basis.  Face-to-face coaching is billed at EPS standard hourly rates . Face-to-face coaching is daily coaching consisting of 3-4 hours each day per client (maximum 3 clients each engagement – multiple engagements would be initiated for client needs of more than 3 clients) for a length of time required to meet contracted performance criteria.